A new site, and I still haven't blogged

It looks like it's been over a year, and here I am, still spending all my time on other projects.

After a very long duration of having a non-updated Wordpress site, I made a new site last year to try out new technology and see if I could give my site a facelift, rather than someone else's site. I decided to choose Eleventy and explore the current landscape of static sites. At the time, I had given Gatsby a go a few times building out some tests while it was still new and gaining popularity.

The idea was to try and start regularly writing blog posts as an outlet. A few huge projects and apparently a year has passed by, and I still haven't done that. We will have to revisit that goal soon. After spending the last year on other projects, then revisiting my Eleventy site, I realized that my initial plan of going minimal last year wouldn’t fare so well using fun tools like Framer Motion, or React-specific libraries like that. It was clear I needed to redo the site again. So, I migrated the Eleventy site over to using Next.js, still using Markdown for most of the content, and added in Tailwind to sprinkle here or there when needed.

Overall, I'm happy with how it is at the moment, except for a few needed tweaks. I also have to go through getting mockups of quite a few more development projects to add in here, but I should be in a good spot now to focus back on other things for a bit!